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wisconsin-debt-collection-attorneysDebt Collection

Atty. Alexander L. Ullenberg of Ullenberg Law Offices SC has been helping clients collect large debts throughout Wisconsin since 1996.

Atty. Alexander Ullenberg is a frequent speaker on topics of debt collection, including:

  • 101 Things to Know If You Are Extending Credit or Collecting Debts in Wisconsin
  • Advanced Collection Law in Wisconsin
  • Collection Techniques and Law in Wisconsin
  • 3 Things to Make Your Rental Operations “Safer”
  • Wisconsin Small Claims Court:  12 Steps to Obtaining a Money Judgment

Examples of Past Collection Matters Handled.

Atty. Ullenberg has represented banks, credit unions, financial firms, accountants, doctors, anesthesiologists, dentists, chiropractors, hospitals, medical clinics, lawyers, insurance agents, landlords, printing shops, car repair shops, colleges, daycare centers, fitness centers, insurance companies, trust companies, construction companies, roofing contractors, and many others collect money owed them, and on matters like:

  • Drafting custom dunning (i.e. collection) letters
  • Prosecuting collection lawsuits
  • Enforcing judgments
  • Asset searching and supplemental examinations
  • Garnishing wages
  • Repossessing secured property (i.e. Replevin)
  • Foreclosing mortgages and land contracts
  • Recording and perfecting security interests
  • Filing and foreclosing construction liens
  • Defending against Bankruptcy preference actions
  • Objecting to Bankruptcy discharges and lien avoidance claims
  • Reclaiming unpaid but delivered goods
  • Troubleshooting collection practices
  • Expert testimony

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Our Collection Philosophy.

In today’s world, your business reputation is a valuable asset.  We recognize that.  Our efforts in helping you to collect money or property owed you should not damage that reputation.

We also realize that everyone, including your best customers, can fall into a tough financial situation sometimes.  We give every debtor we encounter the chance to resolve the situation amicably.

However, we realize that some people only pay when they are forced to pay.  We know how to use the law to encourage and, if necessary, require people to pay you what they owe you.

What’s the first step?

Whether you need a lot of help – or a little – the first step is to contact us.  Tell us what you’d like to accomplish, and we’ll explain the most effective and efficient ways to achieve your goals.

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