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Bad things happen sometimes.  At Ullenberg Law Offices SC we know that sometimes you have no choice but to file a lawsuit in court to recover your damages, get compensation for your injuries, or force someone to do what they are supposed to do.  We also realize that sometimes, even when you do not try, you nevertheless get involved in a lawsuit as a defendant.

We understand the litigation process here in Wisconsin and how it effects our clients.  We will take the time to walk you through the process, give you our frank advice about how things may ultimately shake down in your situation, and what the costs of it all may be.  We will fight for your rights and your position, and we will be on your team.

If you believe you need to file a lawsuit in Wisconsin against someone, or you have been named as a defendant in a lawsuit pending in Wisconsin, Ullenberg Law Offices SC can help you.

In the past we have represented clients on matters like:

  • Stopping water damages caused by neighbors improper fill and lawn grading
  • Contesting will executed by mother prior to death removing provisions for children
  • Defending business against zoning ordinance violations
  • Defending business against enforcement of ATM machine lease
  • Defending against collection of credit card company debt
  • Defending against seller’s attempt to keep earnest money from failed real estate sale
  • Recovering property wrongfully taken by former live-in girlfriend
  • Defending against ex-spouse’s lawsuit trying to recover wedding expenses
  • Defending construction lien filed against property
  • Defending foreclosure action filed by bank
  • Defending homebuilder against customer’s defective workmanship claims
  • Defending landlord against tenant’s claims for wrongful eviction
  • Defending landlord against tenant’s claims for violation of Wis. Adm. Code ATCP 134
  • Defending employer’s attempt to enforce non-compete agreement
  • Defending recreational vehicle seller against customer’s claims that product repairs were faulty
  • Defending recreational vehicle seller against customer’s claims of misrepresentation
  • Defending an insured driver in automobile accident case
  • Enforcing sheriff’s sale bid over objections of junior creditors
  • Filing and enforcing construction lien
  • Enforcing county building code and shoreland zoning requirements against developer
  • Enforcing offer to purchase real estate
  • Enforcing town ordinance to prevent homes from being moved into existing subdivision
  • Evicting tenant from commercial property
  • Evicting tenant from residential property
  • Foreclosing real estate mortgage
  • Forcing insurance company to pay for defense of misrepresentation claim in sale of real estate
  • Recovering benefits under U.S. Black Lung Compensation program
  • Recovering rent due from roommate
  • Recovering damages from homebuilder for defective non-code compliant construction
  • Recovering expenses incurred by commercial builder to prepare plans for project customer never completed
  • Recovering money from insolvent business filing for protection under Wis. Stats. Ch. 128
  • Recovering money from employer for unpaid benefits
  • Recovering money from health insurance company that improperly denied claims
  • Recovering money for subcontract from general contractor and property owner
  • Recovering money from buyer of subdivision lot who failed to abide by covenant to build home with developer
  • Recovering statutory damages for tendering a bad check
  • Recovering damages for harassment by long distance telephone company for amounts improperly due
  • Recovering damages for seller’s misrepresentation of condition of basement during real estate sale
  • Recovering money for injuries from attack by intoxicated bar patron
  • Recovering damages from commercial landlord for failure to properly maintain leased premises
  • Recovering money for damages to apartment property caused by satellite dish installer
  • Recovering money for damages to car from car wash
  • Recovering fee paid to non-performing wedding consultant
  • Recovering medical bills and personal injury damages resulting from punch claimed to be accidental and in self-defense
  • Recovering medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering from automobile accident
  • Recovering proportionate rent due from co-tenant of shared apartment
  • Recovering website ownership from cyber squatter
  • Recovering money due from long-term health care  insurance company (i.e. “nursing home insurance”) under policy provisions
  • Restoring owner’s rights over outdoor advertising sign
  • Recovering vehicle from non-paying customer
  • Recovering damages for faulty painting services
  • Recovering damages due for defective automobile under Wisconsin’s lemon law
  • Recovering statutory damages for tenant for landlord’s failure to return security deposit
  • Replevin of automobile that secured a loan
  • Rescission / cancellation of offer to purchase real estate
  • Recovering money for family members from deceased family member’s former power of attorney
  • Resolving dispute between family members regarding ownership of real estate
  • Resolving dispute between homeowner and builder regarding amounts due on construction contract
  • Splitting up lottery winnings through court order
  • Termination and dissolution of LLC business relationship

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