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litigation-attorneysBusiness Litigation

Disputes and lawsuits are a natural part of conducting business.

Business litigation is also an effective tool to move disputes from a standstill to a timely resolution.

At Ullenberg Law Offices SC we understand that our business clients strive to avoid the time and expense of litigation, but when our business clients become involved in legal disputes we can help you resolve the litigation in a timely and efficient manner.

We understand the litigation process here in Wisconsin and how it effects our business clients.  We will give you frank advice on how much time and expense discovery may cost, your risks and likelihood of success at each stage of the process, and options and strategies for resolving the case short of an expensive trial if that is appropriate.  If you end up at trial, we will fight with you for your rights and position.

If you believe you need to file a lawsuit in Wisconsin against someone, or you have been named as a defendant in a lawsuit pending in Wisconsin, Ullenberg Law Offices SC can help you.

In the past we have represented business clients on matters like:

  • Recovering delivered products from buyer who just filed bankruptcy
  • Recovering damages for defective product delivered by vendor which business used in a product it recalled
  • Defending business against zoning ordinance violations
  • Defending business against enforcement of ATM machine lease
  • Defending against broker’s attempt to charge unearned commission.
  • Defending construction lien filed against property
  • Defending foreclosure action filed by bank
  • Defending homebuilder against customer’s defective workmanship claims
  • Defending attempt to enforce non-compete agreement
  • Enforcing sheriff’s sale bid over objections of junior creditors
  • Filing and enforcing construction lien
  • Foreclosing real estate mortgage
  • Recovering expenses incurred by commercial builder to prepare plans for project customer never completed
  • Recovering money from insolvent business filing for protection under Wis. Stats. Ch. 128
  • Recovering damages from commercial landlord for failure to properly maintain leased premises
  • Recovering website ownership from cyber squatter
  • Rescission / cancellation of offer to purchase real estate
  • Termination and dissolution of LLC business relationship

What’s the first step?

Whether you need a lot of help – or a little – the first step is to contact us.  Tell us what you’d like to accomplish, and we’ll explain the most effective and efficient ways to achieve your goals.