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e9fe1e33-35e0-45ef-abb5-f9f8465ca0f0Corporate Counsel Services

Today’s business world is fret with legal minefields.  Often times checking with a lawyer before costly mistakes are made is less expensive than litigating disputes and issues down the road. Large corporations often have general counsel on staff to assist with providing that counsel and to timely address internal legal questions. Ullenberg Law Offices SC provides corporate counseling services to its small and mid-market clients throughout Wisconsin.  Those services include:

  •  Registered agent and corporate filing maintenance services
  • Annual minute preparation
  • Corporate book depository and maintenance
  • Contract review, preparation, and negotiation
  • Employer-related issues concerning employee hiring, termination, confidentiality, and non-compete
  • Due diligence in the purchase or sale of real estate, subsidiaries and entire business entities and lines

These services are available on a set monthly retainer or hourly basis as needed. If you need access to corporate counsel for your growing business, Ullenberg Law Offices SC can help.   What’s the first step? Whether you a little or a lot of help or access to counsel — the first step is to contact us. Tell us what you need to accomplish and we’ll explain the most effective and efficient ways to achieve your goals.